Mature Matters


Liquid Love

He lay her down under the night sky

No force on earth could stop him

His tongue traces a path up her thigh

She knows this is just the prelim


His hands tarry where lips touched

Her legs go weak and spread wider

His hair in her hands, tightly clutched

She longs to have him inside her


Tiny nibbles on her delicate wings

He gives attention to every part

Arching her back, he makes her sing

As he memorizes her body by heart


His rhythm becomes more intense

Pressure in just the right spot

Her passion growing more dense

Catching him in her lover’s knot 


Mouth to mound, she begins to cream

She tastes so sweet- her, he is in awe of…

No sound now, but her muffled scream

As she drowns him in liquid love



My Fantasy

I see you across the room, you are

the most beautiful male specimen 

I have ever laid eyes on.

I find myself fantasizing there in

the shadows where I sit alone.

You don’t see me, yet still I blush

when I imagine what you must 

look like unclothed.

Would there be hair on that 

brawny chest to twirl my fingers in 

or bare smooth skin, so soft 

against my breasts?


I begin to feel heated at the mere

thought of you growing hard.

I would wrap my fingers around

that Godlike cock, relishing

in the feel of it sliding through

my fingers.

I notice myself smiling naughtily  

as the fantasy plays across my mind.

I am now kneeling before you

ready to take this beautiful engorged

member into my mouth,

wondering how it would taste.

As I take it between my eager lips,

I look up at you with wanton eyes,

Oh God, you are staring back at me!

I shake myself out of my fantasy

and quickly look away…


8 thoughts on “Mature Matters

  1. I loved the humour at the end! Running through this poem is the discipline of the poet, helping us tread exactly the right way. Sensuality is so difficult to get right..I started reading with a touch of resistance…but soon followed, tugged, as if by a thread. There is so much humanity in here, and the words reached me so beautifully. Thank you, for making me feel like a man while reading. Was nice.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read…I am happy that it resonated with you…it is true that erotic poetry can be hard to write without becoming crass or vulgar. I am very mindful of that whenever I write this style of poetry.

  2. Aww honeymoon memories …. Sounds like your married life.. And post married life… Racy, steamy, hot sizzles, it’s beautiful when art imitates life

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