This Body is a Lie


This Body is a Lie

Contained within this body
Lives love…
Wrapped in fleshy soft pretense
Called time and space.
Do you want to know a secret?
Glance into the eyes of another
And see
The Universe staring back
That’s love baby.

7 thoughts on “This Body is a Lie

  1. Nice poem… Is not every cell a life in itself… pulsating love contained in cytoplasm then? What you call body is millions upon million cells… and each cell is but processes and relations… networks crisscrossing all along inside that sheath you call your body which in turn is in unison with the dance of the cosmos intimately … so intimate as to say … where one begins and the other ends… This body is too then not a lie but love and love is knowing… a state of cognition… just a few stray thoughts…

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