Though strong winds contest
trees lean into each other—
true friends bend this way





Nirvani’s Poetry Bites #2

the World the grand stage,
my emotions the lines in the script
and I, (yes I) give the performance of my life.



I read his words
Becoming his poetry in motion.
Plucking my heartstrings
He played me like a rhapsody,
Singeing my lips
The color of passion.
Lighting upon my soul,
The fire reflected in my eyes
Burned everything up.
He flew me to another world
On the wings of his words,
“Otherworldly suits you”
He said.



Nirvani’s Poetry Bites #1


Make up sex is like the torrential downpour
that succeeds the thunderstorm,
all is wet and new again.





Shadow Self

limpid and lustrous
you linger behind me.
I feel your warmth pressing
pining after, like
a lover in pursuit
persistent, yet patient.

shadow self
has me collared
captured and confused,
caught in a nightmare
of continuous loop.

let your light, sun,
pierce a thousand pricks
penetrating me,
destroying and dismantling
the demon darkness.
free me from
shadow’s folly.