Mad Love

I create him
Moment to moment,
Not knowing
How or why.
Conjuring up
This mad love,
Like a lucid dream
Spilling over
To waking hours.
Teetering on the edge
Of madness and ecstasy,
I could fall
Either way.




I lost myself
disappeared, vanished
behind walls of insignificance.
no windows, no door

no light.

Not even shadows
could find me.

Feeling around,
in vain, until I realized
the walls were made of paper.

So I wrote in the dark,
and the walls gave way
under the weight
of my words.

The words saved me,
and I found




That familiar refrain,
Like a million lifetimes
Singing into my bones.
Quivering, vibrating,
Working its way 
Like black magic
Through marrow and sinew.
It’s almost tragic, the way
I lay like a newborn babe
In its mothers arms.
To the hypnotizing melody,
So unforgiving, cruel.
Killing me softly
Over and over again.