I put my secrets
in your pockets,
taking for granted
you’d keep them safe.
You see,
I’m a dangerous girl
living out loud,
but fooling myself
thinking nobody
hears me.
When you heard me,
you emptied your pockets
and all my secrets
came falling out.


10 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Jennifer,
    This is the first time I’ve seen any of your poetry.Some very deep thinking must go in to some of these. I would like to see something you wrote when you look around at your beautiful family,
    and what a joy they must be, especially those Grandbabies. I enjoy every picture I see of them.
    Love you, Nanny

    1. Nanny, while I do appreciate your comment and taking the time to read some of my poetry, if you look through you will see that I write about my family quite a bit. Poetry is not always going to ‘feel good’ all the time. Poetry runs the gamut of the human condition. Many of my pieces I’ve written for contests and other venues. I have several published pieces on women’s poetry sites. I am a writer and I hope one day to leave my own legacy of words for my granddaughters.

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