Shiva’s Wild Woman


Shiva’s Wild Woman

I am femininity embodied,
Deity made flesh, perfection
Embedded in flaw.
Un-submissive feminist,
Barefoot mama on a mission
To strengthen the sisterhood of souls.
The androgynous love, pouring
From my cosmic yoni
Paints the world in supernatural perceptions.
To one I am femme fatale,
Dangerously sacrilegious, ego-stripping
Mata Hari-esque.
To another, the primordial paradox,
The unsolvable puzzle.
To my Self, the constant
Creator and destroyer
Dancing my way
Through the universe.
Some call me
Shiva’s wild woman.

15 thoughts on “Shiva’s Wild Woman

  1. Amazing this is, just when I thought I was missing you! There is a deep India connection everywhere. I have to say I would love to know about it. But how? Power in poetry, that’s what this was and what’s I like to read. . . . .honestly I want to say more, but don’t know what. . .

    1. Thank you so much! I am not surprised this resonates with you:) In recent days my poetry has taken on a spiritual nature…it seems to be where my muse is taking me. The poem is very representative of Maa Kali, as she is the Goddess who speaks most to me. I am a practicing tantrika somewhat in the Shivaite tradition:) As I believe that every woman is Goddess, every woman at times becomes like Kali…She is the ultimate ‘wild woman’. I think it is when a woman can let go of ego that she is in her true essence.
      As Shiva is pure consciousness, Kali is creation.

      1. Fascinating. Calls for a dialogue. . . . I sent you a mail – it bounced from one id and then I sent it to the other (hotmail I think) saying exactly this! That this poem has just tumbled out, it appears to me. Wonder if you got the mail, else could talk her, if inclined. . .

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