The Pain of Goodbye


The Pain of Goodbye

Penetrates my heart
Like a dagger dipped in honey.
The sweetness lingers on my cheek,
Sticky fingers cling to my bruised chest,
But I can’t bare to wash them off.
It’s a bittersweet wound.
A pain worth
Living for.

Shiva’s Wild Woman


Shiva’s Wild Woman

I am femininity embodied,
Deity made flesh, perfection
Embedded in flaw.
Un-submissive feminist,
Barefoot mama on a mission
To strengthen the sisterhood of souls.
The androgynous love, pouring
From my cosmic yoni
Paints the world in supernatural perceptions.
To one I am femme fatale,
Dangerously sacrilegious, ego-stripping
Mata Hari-esque.
To another, the primordial paradox,
The unsolvable puzzle.
To my Self, the constant
Creator and destroyer
Dancing my way
Through the universe.
Some call me
Shiva’s wild woman.