Sipping Tea


Sipping Tea

Sipping tea,
A fluid awareness
Moves through me.

Soothing warmth invades
And I contemplate.

Taking in,
Reflecting on,
My place,
The meaning of me.

The shape of my fingers,
The solar system
Of freckles
Running down
My chest,
Along the curve of my breast.

I touch my belly swell
Once occupied by souls,
Now an empty shell.
A sacred space.
Nurtured by these hands,
Aged, yet supple.

I raise the cup
To my lips,
Acutely aware of thoughts
Coming and going
With each sip.

Sipping tea
Brings me into
The present moment,
Where I can just

6 thoughts on “Sipping Tea

  1. Excellent crafting of words. Like a fine Peets cup of tea! Keep adding to The Consciousness of this plane of existence!

  2. “The Solar System of freckles” is such a brilliant line, the whole poem is beautifully crafted and soulfully insightful but….. “The Solar System of freckles”, is dare I say, “out of this world”… whooops cliche… sorry I’ll go the naughty corner…
    Thanks for this glorious poem.

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