Dance of Ecstasy


Dance of Ecstasy 

Body in motion
Transcends time.
This wild woman syndrome
Takes hold
And sheds away
Pious parameters.
Falls down
Around my swaying figure
Like the shedding
Of snake skin.
I shake it off with
Gyrating hips
And quivering breasts.
Jangling golden coin
On waist vibrates
To the frequency
Of the Universe.
Spirit recognizes
The uncivilized call
Of the feminine.
Unconscious prakriti,
The primal force
Comes out
To play.
Animating its unrefined,
Yet refined drama
Through my spine,
What lay dormant
At the base.
The dance
Of ecstasy


11 thoughts on “Dance of Ecstasy

  1. This is so lovely. You have a sacred gift… you’re definitely one of my favorite mystical poetesses. 🙂

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