Mother Moon


Mother Moon


Oh Mother Moon, who guides this inner world,
You are my secret dream, my hidden inmost need
Obscured by the outer facade
That keeps me shrouded in deception.
You are the gatekeeper
Of the nethermost regions of my soul.

Internal sanctums of consciousness,
Oh Luna, are your garden for my inner child.
Vulnerable, exposed,
When your luminous light shines upon me
I am naked,
Conflicted with my exoteric nature.

Oh Selene, beautiful winged Goddess!
You ride upon the intuitive waters
Of my psyche,
Expanding my resilience on golden wing,
Clipped, I am mercurial,
Quicksilver, changing from moment to moment.

Sentimental fool you take me for,
Immersing me in a pool of nostalgia
Only to rebirth the past,
Again and again.
You slumber in the dark abyss
Of my imagination, laying in wait
To reveal my aesthetic beauty.

Mother Moon, arcane enchantress,
Animating the rhythmic
Ebb and flow of all life,
Waxing maiden, waning crone,
Wandering through my clandestine realms,
Bending me to my knees, your lesson
In wholeness unravels me.
You whisper of ‘new beginnings’, forcing
Me to bury old wounds in the
Graveyard of my heart, where you stand
As guardian of my authentic Self.


Mother Moon reblogged…Part of a series of Astrological poetry

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