These flawed beings
Set the bar for other flawed beings,
Perpetrating mistakes on which to gauge
Perfection, that human construct
Exclusive to mortals with the right criteria.
We fabricate dreams,
Swimming in spurious ponds of excellence
To allude our own uncertainty.
Nothing is ever perfect we say,
So we strive for nothing.
Yet nothing becomes everything.
Still there is nothing to gain
And everything to lose.


A Note from Nirvani


Hello my dear friends and followers,

I apologize that I have not been writing as frequently as I had been.
I have been very focused on other passions in my life. I have taken up
belly dancing and have also been working very hard on fitness goals.
I have never been very good at multi-tasking. I tend to throw myself
into whatever I am feeling passionate about at the moment. I also have
never been one who could write multiple poems in a day. My mind
just does not work that way. I appreciate your patience with me and
hope that you will continue to follow. I am going nowhere!

Much Love,


Music Moves Me


Music Moves Me

Music moves me,
Lifts my soul up out of some
Hidden place,
And gives it command.

An austere composer,
Who intends to master me.
It brings me to my knees;
Raises me to sovereign heights.

My soul plays me
Like a perfectly tuned violin.
The euphonious rhythm
Of my heart beating from my chest.

My own true Self,
Comes out to dance, the Divine Dance.
I reach symphonic Bliss,
When the Music moves me.

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Dance of Ecstasy


Dance of Ecstasy 

Body in motion
Transcends time.
This wild woman syndrome
Takes hold
And sheds away
Pious parameters.
Falls down
Around my swaying figure
Like the shedding
Of snake skin.
I shake it off with
Gyrating hips
And quivering breasts.
Jangling golden coin
On waist vibrates
To the frequency
Of the Universe.
Spirit recognizes
The uncivilized call
Of the feminine.
Unconscious prakriti,
The primal force
Comes out
To play.
Animating its unrefined,
Yet refined drama
Through my spine,
What lay dormant
At the base.
The dance
Of ecstasy


Unequivocal Truth


Unequivocal Truth 

Genuine love is simple,
An unconditional
Condition of
Ambitionless being.
Emotions, those
Agents of ego,
Mimic love so well,
Most have forgotten
Its true nature.
‘Love is blind’
Excepted blindly,
I declare this
An oxymoron
Of giant proportions.
Love sees
The mental state.
It has no
Expiration date.
Love is the unequivocal
Of Truth.

Mother Moon


Mother Moon


Oh Mother Moon, who guides this inner world,
You are my secret dream, my hidden inmost need
Obscured by the outer facade
That keeps me shrouded in deception.
You are the gatekeeper
Of the nethermost regions of my soul.

Internal sanctums of consciousness,
Oh Luna, are your garden for my inner child.
Vulnerable, exposed,
When your luminous light shines upon me
I am naked,
Conflicted with my exoteric nature.

Oh Selene, beautiful winged Goddess!
You ride upon the intuitive waters
Of my psyche,
Expanding my resilience on golden wing,
Clipped, I am mercurial,
Quicksilver, changing from moment to moment.

Sentimental fool you take me for,
Immersing me in a pool of nostalgia
Only to rebirth the past,
Again and again.
You slumber in the dark abyss
Of my imagination, laying in wait
To reveal my aesthetic beauty.

Mother Moon, arcane enchantress,
Animating the rhythmic
Ebb and flow of all life,
Waxing maiden, waning crone,
Wandering through my clandestine realms,
Bending me to my knees, your lesson
In wholeness unravels me.
You whisper of ‘new beginnings’, forcing
Me to bury old wounds in the
Graveyard of my heart, where you stand
As guardian of my authentic Self.


Mother Moon reblogged…Part of a series of Astrological poetry

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces
Love in exaltation,
She flows in Divine Romance.
Her heart beats to the rhythm of the Cosmos.
She lives only for the enchantment of the soul.

Lofty aspirations,
She delights as Neptune’s Muse.
Her mind plays in the seductive waters of illusion.
She seeks only to render her Siren’s beckoning call.

Universal empathy,
She is the Alchemical Goddess.
Her soul lifts the mundane to ethereal heights.
She desires only to merge in perennial sacred love.

Supreme sacrifice,
She clings to her Martyr’s Heart.
Her spirit longs to explore the greater mystery.
She endeavors only to manifest the unity of all souls.

Venus in Pisces reblogged…Part of a series of Astrological Poetry.