Walk Naked


Walk Naked

Walk naked
And feel the feathery
Green fingers
Of fresh Spring grass
Tickling between bare toes,
Hypersensitive from
The suffocation of
The culture of shoes
For too long.
Let them just breathe.
Reacquaint the
Unclad foot with
Mother Earth

Walk naked
In endless fields of
Lavender dreams.
Let the scent
Intoxicate, as the
Senses remember
What they’d
Lie in copious pastures,
Burgeoning with
Nature’s generosity.
Her efflorescence
Yearns to cradle
Soft, exposed flesh
Against her
Earthy breast.
Listen to
Her whispers
And come

9 thoughts on “Walk Naked

  1. Naked indeed, nothing like being raw and pure. I love the poem and the expressed sentiment resonates deep in the “In endless fields of Lavender dreams.” love the scent and color I feel in the moment. Thank you for sharing that moment with us and I am grateful you did! The smiles are awesome as is the love that brings them forth as your chosen words enter the heart! 🙂 🙂 Joe

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