Winter’s Last Days


Winter’s Last Days

There is a beauty in the dreariness,
Shadows walk on water, still as night.
Watery trees rise up from the black eeriness.
A calmness settles in the bones, despite
The cold of Winter’s last days.

A lone seagull breaks the mirrored facade
And for a moment there are ripples in time,
But only a moment, as if an act of God
Could ever keep the bell’s chime.
Soon ends Winter’s malaise.

A splash of green here and there
Breaks free of the blurry reflection.
A stark contrast, cold wintry dare.
Spring’s challenge, a bold injection,
Upsetting Winter’s last phase.


5 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Days

  1. Thanks. You make winter sound soft and pretty with your words but at the same time acknowledge the truth. What a lovely reminder of the cold dreariness in the north land that comes to an end.

    1. Thank you Alice! It is good to be back in the PacNorWest for a visit…I am sure to be happy to return to my island paradise in a month…but this place holds my heart in many ways…there really is something beautiful in the grey 🙂 Maybe it is the spirit I feel here among the people.

      1. I’ve run away from the Great Gray after 27 years of foundering. Not enough sun for me. I’m so much better now. It is lovely though. And I miss everyone. The potlucks.

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