Love Endures


Love Endures
Would that she could undo the harm
Inflicted on that noble man.
Yet with love unfeigned, extends his arm.
He never swayed from what began
As a picture perfect life of charm.
His heart now bruised, and barren soul
Seeks comfort from pain’s mighty toll,
And still he bears it well.

An ageless love, for time stood still,
He placed her high upon a pedestal.
A cherished keepsake, adored until
Loyalty faltered, held high above all.
Standing on fidelity’s perch, she trills,
No net to catch her fall, for him no hope
Of saving grace from which to cope,
And still his heart does swell.

A lifetime of memories still intact. 
Imperfect though their bond may be,
Hearts endure, when torn and cracked,
And now beneath love’s sheltering tree.
No longer does he raise her up, in fact
His only wish to see, the woman who stole
His heart, the one who completes the whole,
His angel, from her he’ll never part.


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