Sliver of Moon


To shake this feeling of glumness
No easy task, I wear a robe of numbness
And in the dark bask under no more 

Than a sliver of moon, in a starless sky.
A dullness covers my silver spoon, and nigh
On the verge of losing myself, or am I just shadow?

My image a Van Gogh painting of sorts, distorted,
No longer recognizable, but contorted into something
Resembling a ghost, this body just a host to which I cling.



3 thoughts on “Sliver of Moon

    1. I’m glad you could appreciate this Alice…we all have different sides to ourselves…a poet is just able to put feelings to words…I wrote this when I was in a state of glumness. Not my usual state, but my muse came out to play 😉

      1. All feelings are fair game for the muse. Too much of sweetness and pretty sunsets lacks in fullness of flavor. One can only notice light when there are shadows. I’ve written horror, pretty, romantic, humorous and some very, very bleak poems. They don’t coincide with my mood. I may write bleak when I’m buoyant. I love to write.

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