Bits of clarity are like the ‘aha’ moment
Of a haiku, or a birthday wish come true.

A chance glance at the face of someone
You are convinced you knew, in some

Other life perhaps, or breaking through
A math problem, you’d been working on

For so long, and then out of the blue.
Walking down an unfamiliar path,

When an instant of deja vu hits
Like a wave that you’ve been here before,

You feel it in your core, but how cliche
They say, nothing worth clinging to.

You stop and smell some Honeysuckle
And for an instant the world seems so new,

Like you’re seeing it for the first time,
And everything in the scope of your view,

The trees, the flowers, the birds, the bees
The fallen leaves on the breeze, and even you,

Are connected in an unexplained way, and
Though you can’t say how you know, you just do.



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