The Hunger (Adult Content)


The Hunger

Torrid thoughts of the night before
kept heated impulses smoldering under my flushed skin.
Spread downward like tiny, tickling fingers
into regions set to blaze by his tongue of fire.
Breasts peak in sensitivity, as embers still burn hot.
I am lost in the revelry of my wanton mind.

Our clothes flew, until both raw and naked, skin to skin,
we had jumped into the flames of lust without hesitancy, no longer human.
Passions matched in fierceness against hard vertical surfaces,
resembling two wild animals, the friction of our rhythm
scorching every place our bodies touched

Our coupling had created something undeniable.
When lust was satisfied, we laid entwined, limbs
melting into each other, holding tight till morning’s dawn.
The hunger was irrefutable, I’d engorged on what he offered
and he took a part of me and kept it for himself.
I knew without a doubt that I would want him again.



6 thoughts on “The Hunger (Adult Content)

  1. This is very well done. The imagery is concrete – real. (I can’t think of the right words to explain what I mean, but you capture the power of the moment.)

    1. Thank you…I wrote this piece for a contest. I do enjoy writing erotica, but I am always careful to write it with class and not crass. I like erotica that can evoke desire by what isn’t said than by what is said, if that makes sense.

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