My Language is Smiling


My Language is Smiling

They say the eyes
are the window to
the soul, and a smile
the soul’s expression.
Though the language
varies, the beautiful
upturned edges of
multi-colored lips
are universal, speaking
silent volumes to
a world in need
of tenderness.

A world aching
and parched from
enmity, where hollow
apathy creases once
vibrant faces.
The gracious, genuine
merriment spread
across the countenance
gives refreshment
to a land of famine.
Sage advice from
some unknown,
‘Smile, for you never
know who is falling
in love with it.’



4 thoughts on “My Language is Smiling

  1. This is a terrific poem. I have always felt that outward appearances should not be used as the soul judge of an individual. You see this so often in the Islamophobic society that we live in. This poem is uplifting in its promotion of the smile as a something generally good and universal. Thank for sharing it.

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