Dad, I still cry when I hear that song,
I must have played it a thousand times.
That old pain comes back fresh,
then the tears that won’t stop.
I never got to say goodbye, you know.

That day we laid you in the ground,
I asked God for some comfort,
my heart hurt so badly.
I slept on your favorite couch that night.
God must really like you Dad, or me
I heard you rustling in the hallway,
and felt your soft kiss on my cheek.
I never felt so warm.
I love you Daddy.

( Here is the song referred to in my poem: Landslide…Fleetwood Mac )


7 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. I love this. It is so very true / real how a song will have the effect you describe.

    It may not surprise you, but I’ve heard this story (very similar experiences to your second verse) from a couple other people.

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