Strip her down

Tear away the layers

of fear that masquerade 

a well put together woman,

and maybe you’ll see the 

erroneous image is just 

a guise to cushion her



Expose her heart

Cut deeply though, 

under all that thick skin

you may just find a pulsing

organ that’s never been worn

on a sleeve, or seen

the light of day for

that matter.


Break her apart

if you can, the defiance 

is really just another manifestation

of fear, possibly the last trick she 

has up her sleeve, you may

just find something 

 priceless under

all those



7 thoughts on “Priceless

    1. Thank you Alice! Interesting you noticed the shape…I always pay close attention to how the stanzas appear…it’s like an art for me:) I’m not sure that it has a particular name, but I am pleased that it resonated with you!

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