A Giant (haiku)



before his dream came to be-

giant among men

6 thoughts on “A Giant (haiku)

  1. Thanks for your GIANT Haiku. Good job with it. MLK is a favorite hero of mine. I’m liking haiku for social commentary. My kid keeps reminding me it’s “not traditional Japanese haiku”. He’s 17 and knows a lot.;-)

    1. Haha! I did this one for a MLK haiku…this new contemporary haiku;) I have a 17 year old boy too, I feel ya;) By the way I nominated you for Versatile Blogger award, just have not the time to let you know yet:) Just go to that thread…I assume that you may have already received it but I do love your blog!

      1. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I enjoy your blog, too.
        I’m pretty new at having my own blog so have no idea how an award nomination works. But thanks so much I’m not sure what a “thread” is to look for it.. (I’m behind the curve on the lingo). Keep writing. You are quite a poet.

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