Empyrean Bliss

His commanding whisper,
spoken with few words, is enough
to fill her with anticipation.
The knowing, yet not knowing
sends her mind into a frenzy, the deep
burning sensation, so familiar to her,
begins to ignite in a region 
where no other man wanders 
but this man…
His hot breath sears 
her skin like a branding iron,
Though he’d marked his claim 
on her before, many times,
the deep-rooted impression begins 
 again to smolder on her flesh.
As her desperate need grows,
she opens to him…
His hands make love 
to every part of her quivering frame.
He knows every inch of her, 
every scar, every mole, 
every hidden cavern had been
filled by him before, and tonight
would be no different.
She would once again ascend 
into the empyrean
Just for him…

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