The Death Card


The Death Card


I place the cards before me, 

my eye draws to one in particular.

It speaks of dissolution to some degree.


My heart stops cold for a moment

and then begins double-quick.

What says this grim-reaper agent?


I’d been taught not to fear, 

its meaning most often not mortal,

though ambiguous, in time becomes clear. 


The foretelling of a demise,

the end of life as one knows it,

A transition of sorts is what I surmise.


Think not foreboding nor death,

for this card can bring good fortune,

not meant to still your breath.


4 thoughts on “The Death Card

      1. Nice–I found the cards to be a wonderful stepping off point for reading people. My running joke now is when I used to read tarot, I read the cards to get to the people. When I play poker, I read the people to get to their cards 😉

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