Question and Answer…

I wanted to ask my fellow readers and poets what your opinion is about having photography or art included with poems on a blog. I am not sure if I want to keep doing it or not. I am concerned that it may detract from the writing itself. So I thought I would come to you all and I want your honest opinions…no need to spare my feelings:)


Jennifer Adams Teasley

16 thoughts on “Question and Answer…

  1. While you have great taste in art, I would limit the art or photography of others quite severely and would only post images that either inspired the piece or have some obvious connection to it. Your own material, on the other hand, is great. Use as much or as little of anything you’ve created.

  2. I’m inclined to agree. I think it is much more effective to include your own photographs or art than that of others. Sometimes that isn’t the case – some works are so closely related to a poem or writing that they are just ‘right’ together. Your poems can stand on their own, of course, but sometimes visual material is a plus. But for the most part, I’d limit it.

    Of course, I err in the other direction – I don’t think I have a single visual image on my blog at this point.

      1. Thank you for your comment. It is ironic really that most of my favorite poets here are very serious about their work and have very little imagery…you know they say that imitation is the best form of flattery…I think I will look to those I emulate as examples, but still always be myself šŸ˜‰

  3. My own photographs act as my own ‘muse’ so I always include the single photo that inspired my Haiku, Tanka, Nonet or Fib. So I am 100% behind using personal imagery, either art or photos. But, I also like to include famous ‘quotes’ at the conclusion of other poems of mine!

  4. Personally I like to build an environment with sound and image to hang the words upon and I never write to them, but rather use found art to enhance what I am already feeling. I find picture challenges to be a huge waste of my muse. That being said there is much to the sanctity of the blank page and the minimalist approach to posting thereon. As others have said, be true to yourself, I myself, may soon abandon multimedia, as I fear to wear it out as well… But then, lol, as print is dead and readers evolved, they can handle and therefore expect more, an evolution, as in the movies………. I can see I am of no help at all!


    1. You are not help e…hahaha….I adore everything you write, no flattery here either…you are one of my favorites! And your words are an art all their own, images can also clear up confusion about poetry and add another dimension to the words…I will let my intuition guide me šŸ™‚

  5. I’m a very visual person and I like pictures with words. I cried when I was a child and had to go to the shelves of books without pictures. The return to picture books was one of the pleasures of motherhood. I would leave this to the individual’s creative spirit to find pictures that work. what you do with pictures is good. Thanks for asking. Alice

  6. Even a pen/ink/paper combination is a visual enhancement of what would best be said in a reading aloud. Given you’ll not be doing that to emote for attention, in a 2-D medium where does Theme/Font/color not add a skew to an Intellectual construct? A photo of choice can add punctuation, but were you to speak to me, your words alone emit nuance to our world and you would use intonations, body language and presence of mind proximity to describe your thoughts.

    I can’t recite a photo but I can imagine you at a keyboard trying to touch me with your emotional italics, and that good Woman is what I could repeat to make your sharing a lucid Legacy. Iā€™m impressed; by how full is your questioning mind to provoke a dialog in honest and True — pleased to take someone seriously where attention to detail doesn’t build character but certainly reveals it.

    Be a subtle creature as are we all, use subtle means to boldly Proclaim your soul again passes through. To do less is a waste of humane potential and that I must think is a Drama of fear.

    1. Thank you for your oh so poetic and eloquent response Gerry! Poets are the best at imagining through words…not all readers of our poetry do and a visual can add such dimension….I was going to cut out images altogether, but I may reconsider….and I always give credit to the artist and love to use mainly classical art, which I happen to have a passion for!

      1. I’m H-U-G-E on images, I made a living doing it for quite a long time and I know they arouse additional support — that’s what ‘propaganda’ succeeds best at. But I think.. in the Alpha-Omega of creative processing.. words don’t fade — they stand alone to be remembered and can be translated after you can’t reply. I can’t know what might fire your Imagination to write — perhaps it was something you saw.. you chose to write, not paint how you FEEL about your vision.
        I’m a word guy by nature.. pictures were an acquired taste/skill set I learned to manipulate.
        Keep the pictures,. keep them small though. YOU’re the performer – YOU stand alone and vulnerable so retain Center stage in the valiant spotlight!

        PS: get rich text formatting OK? cuz This font is puttin-a-whack on my creative SUBTLE!
        ME poetic..? no way. I calls em as I seez em..Ha!

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