Her Eyes (micropoetry)


Her Eyes


Behind those oracle irises of

dark chocolate swirls,

lay depths unfathomable 

to the naked eye.









Love is an ocean without bounds.

What river does not empty into this sea?

Despite obstacles barring the heart,

surrender comes ’round eventually.

The soul, like a river, flows

into the limitless ocean of bliss,

becomes one with the ocean

 then Love becomes This.






Dad, I still cry when I hear that song,
I must have played it a thousand times.
That old pain comes back fresh,
then the tears that won’t stop.
I never got to say goodbye, you know.

That day we laid you in the ground,
I asked God for some comfort,
my heart hurt so badly.
I slept on your favorite couch that night.
God must really like you Dad, or me
I heard you rustling in the hallway,
and felt your soft kiss on my cheek.
I never felt so warm.
I love you Daddy.

( Here is the song referred to in my poem: Landslide…Fleetwood Mac )


To Live and Die

Photographer: Evan Karageorgos
Photographer: Evan Karageorgos

To Live and Die


A solitary life, a culmination of milliseconds,
Precious minutes stolen in ecstatic joy,
Hours depleted by agonizing pain,
Weeks cultivating patience, enduring
Years unavoidably aging,
A lifetime of dying.
Are we not born to die?

A single organism, seed of limitless potential,
Cherished minutes beholding the
wonders of nature,
Hours of arduous pushing, to birth
the tiniest miracle,
Weeks creating a masterpiece, anxious
to unveil,
Years wiled away in devotion to the beloved.
A lifetime of living.
Are we not born to live?


Jersey Shore (haiku)…Vintage photo prompt

Jersey Shore, circa 1905
Jersey Shore, circa 1905

Jersey Shore


Antiquated time

strolling along Asbury Park

Jersey Promenade 



A Little Sin



A Little Sin


Must one always place nice

Dull and boring if you ask me

Why not add a little spice

Splitting hairs now and again

Prim and proper is so humdrum 

A little devilry now and then

Bland routines are so tiresome


Say something for shock value

You can play coy later

Go ahead and let it spew 

Why must one always cater 

Life is too damn short

Not to go out on a limb

The ball is in your court

No worries, it’s just a little sin 







In this moment
I feel the breath
in my chest,
inhale deeply,
hold a few,
exhale more deeply.

I close my eyes
and hear the birds
chirping so clearly
outside my
open window.
It’s the sound
of the Whippoorwill.

A strong breeze
sweeps through
at this very moment
and enfolds me in its
invisible arms,
causing my
skin to prickle.
I smile.

In this moment
I sniff deeply, mmmmm…
something fragrant
in the air, Lilacs,
the sweet perfume
makes me heady.
I see the Lilac tree
outside the
window is in
full bloom,
in this very