Grammar Nazi

Adrian Gottlieb, The Poet
Adrian Gottlieb, The Poet

Grammar Nazi


I cringe 

as I read the 

mess of 

written word

constructed by

the so-called poet,

for I cannot see

past the horrible


and unadulterated 

penned laziness.

Oh grammar have-not,

take these words

of construction:

‘there’ is not ‘their’

and punctuation,


to be precise,

are still in style

I promise,

and last but 

not least

for the love

of Pete,



6 thoughts on “Grammar Nazi

    1. Thank you, I have been reading from many poets today, who, if I could get past the mess of bad grammar, would otherwise be good poets. I have to believe either they have never past 7th grade English or just do not care and everyone keeps singing them praises for fear of telling them the truth! David, you may most certainly correct me if I am found in this category ever!

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