I am a Wo-man

Yell Saccani, Silence Now
Yell Saccani, Silence Now

I am a Wo-man

I am a Wo-man
Girlishly temperamental
An endearing mess of moodiness
Often insufferable, yet
Adorable to rebuke
Brimming with ladylike 
Charm, when it’s called for
A petulant little girl
When she’s not getting her way
Yet full of matriarchal compassion
A defender of sisterhood

I am a Wo-man
An effeminate full-bodied
Squishy soft,
Curvy mass of potent energy
A fertile field bearing
Fruits from sacred portals
Cosmic co-creator, birthing souls
Man-loving modern day feminist
Who marches to her own beat
As the old cliche’ goes,






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