Angels and Demons

Karol Bak, NOKTURNY, 2010
Karol Bak, NOKTURNY, 2010

Angels and Demons

Lovely oblivion 
how I cherished you!
I was the beautiful pretender, 
captivating impostor, fooling all,
even myself after awhile. 
but angels and demons 
never stay buried for long,
they just inhabit, until
something, or someone
comes along 
and tears you open,
ripping away layers
of phoniness, exposing
the fallacious actor,
who'd learned to play
her part so well.

You came along,
when demons were raging
and angels only wept.
I thought I could fool you too
like all the rest,
but you could see the pain in me
and you could see the love.
you stripped me bare,
dispossessed me 
of all my clinging, 
splitting me wide open, raw.
I'd never seen 'real' before, you
and now you have me
begging, pleading
show me more, 
'cause fighting all the demons
will take time.



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