Pietro Annigoni, 1934
Pietro Annigoni, 1934



Pain, you old vagabond

Come visiting unannounced, indefinite

You rootless mendicant, getting under my skin

I feel you there, taking up residence 

Ass-kissing my nervous system, you brown nosing sycophant!

I am a glutton for your maniacal chastisement, hating myself for it

You ground me, forcing my feet to solid earth

Why do you make me hate you one minute

and love you the next?

Love you enough to let you stick around,

pulling my big head out of the clouds 

Humiliation is your game I guess

You subdue me into submission

then disappear, leaving me

You fickle lover

I hate you


10 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Very nice poetry Jennifer. I am often caught in between the desire for the things I know will cause me pain. Leaving behind as it stares at me … any resolution to free myself.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the “like”. I subscribed.

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