Forever Child

Vincenzo Irolli
Vincenzo Irolli

Forever Child


Forever child

playing in the fields 

of yesterday’s dreams,

caught in never-ending exuberance. 

Still life, yet moving  through

memories re-enacting themselves out

in bitter-sweet minds of those 

left behind. 


Perpetual immaturity 

little one captured in tender age,

everlastingly beautiful.

Traversing outside of time,

yet caught in time, statuesque 

adolescent darling,

there you remain for keeps.

Forever child


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11 thoughts on “Forever Child

  1. her face is so evocative int eh picture…as it feels the only thing in focus which i imagine the artist wanted….caught in that moment…if only we could hold them for a bit at that age…mine seem to grow before my eyesnice verse…adolescent daring….smiles…yes.

  2. this is a stunning painting…..well chosen for your verse….my kids have grown up way too quickly as well…but good to see them find their way in life as well… smiles

  3. I read this…and thought about my deceased son. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to react to the words like that, but that’s that beauty of poetry…everyone reads it differently. This is a wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing!

    1. First, I am so very sorry for your loss. The recent school shooting is what provoked these words from me, and you understood perfectly what I was conveying as it has such personal significance for you. What more can a poet hope for. Many blessings to you!

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