My Warrior

Rob Hefferan
Rob Hefferan

My Warrior


I took his heart into my keeping,

never imagining how fragile it might be.

He was a warrior, cut from steel,

durable like masculine rawhide leather.

He must have branded me, I can still

smell him on my skin, sandalwood and vanilla.

Sometimes, in the quiet hours of the night,

I can feel his breath at the nape of my neck, 

like a whisper, and then it’s gone.


 They say a heart once broken, remains that way forever. 

I was careless, taking risks, defying the odds.

He’d go to the ends of the earth for me.

I should  have put his heart away for safe keeping,

but I was known for breaking hearts.

He was my warrior after all, invulnerable. 

He thought he could tame my wild spirit, but in the end,

I broke the stallion’s heart, into a million little pieces.

Sometimes, when I’m walking in a crowd of people,

I can still feel his hand on mine.

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