The Crisis

Vincent Calarco, Fork in the Road
Vincent Calarco, Fork in the Road

The Crisis

They call it middle age,

I deem it the ‘wrong side of forty’.

What was my destination anyway?

I can’t seem to recollect.

When did my memory become so faulty?


I was just strolling along,

Not a care in the world,

running in youthful exuberance 

like an innocent little schoolgirl

content in my ignorant bliss.


It was quite simple really,

a single path, no detours,

smooth surface under my feet.

No complex maneuvers,

or so I had naively thought.


Who made these cracks in the road?

When did those potholes appear?

I just stepped in God knows what!

The path now seems quite treacherous.

Am I past the point of no return?


Struggling along the now harrowing path,

a little worn and weary of life

I happen upon a fork in the road,

and then it dawns on me;

I was standing at the ‘Crossroads of Life’.


Did I mention how indecisive I am?

If only I could just go back, 

a time when things were simpler

when my body never ached

and I was strong and beautiful .


I think I’ll just take a little rest here.

This is all just too much to bare.

Which way am I to turn now?

I’m growing older by the minute.

This is a crisis of epic proportions! 


I happen to notice two signposts 

pointing in each direction,

but I can’t seem to make out the words.

Oh, let me get my glasses.

When did I start wearing bifocals?


Now I can see the words clearly.

One sign bares the words

‘Follow to a Life of Happiness’,

the other, ‘Continue on Your Mid-Life Crisis’.

I think I’ll take the former path!


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