Are You Listening?

Willard Metcalf, Au Cafe, 1888
Willard Metcalf, Au Cafe, 1888

Are You Listening?

Are you listening?

You think that you are,

but your ears are hollow 

and your heart is empty.

Words are pouring from your mouth, 

created from thoughts screaming 

to get out of your mind.


Are you listening?

Always coming and going,

never sitting still, clinging to ideas

as if they are your life jacket

and you are trying to stay afloat

in a sea of  preconceived notions

and juvenile contrivances.


Are you listening?

You turn the music up louder

in an attempt to fill your empty soul

with obnoxious screaming lyrics

and instruments out of tune.

What you confuse for inspiration

is your own desire to be heard.


Are you listening?

If you were, you would hear me;

your mouth would be shut

and your mind devoid of thought.

Your heart no longer empty,

would be flowing with love

and the only sound you would hear

Is the silence…



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