Mars in Scorpio

Alexandre Cabanal, Albayde

Mars in Scorpio

 Convictions unwavering,

her passion mirrors 

the  intensity of Mangala.

Her lovers come to life 

at her magnetic touch.

She bows to the Red God,

a dark and deliberate 

fervor infuses her loving.


Emergent transformation,

she is the catalyst

that ignites her entourage.

A formidable foe, 

rivels meet Orion’s Fate.

Relenting is anathema to pride.

Uncompromising nature,

her sole ambition is to master.


Explicit determination,

she paints her world 

in black and white particulars.

Nonpareil allegiance,

her consorts must display. 

The channeling of her energies,

is to walk the Razor’s Edge. 

Her soul hungers for power.


Senses impassioned,

the immensity of her anger,

an implacable smoldering burn.

The consummate lover,

she imparts understanding

To her fortunate Innamorato.

With charismatic presence,

she leads in love and life.


5 thoughts on “Mars in Scorpio

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it:) I love astrology and I thought that it would be fun to incorporate astrology into my poetry. The three astrological poems I have written here are all an interpretation of various strong aspects within an astrology birthchart. I haven’t written poetry since high school, so thought I would try my hand at it again. I am just as obsessed with it now as I was then:)

      1. That’s so cool, and coincidentally I was really interested in astrological signs and their mythology in high school! I think you have a really good subject to write on 🙂

      2. In the last couple years I have developed an obsession with astrology. I study it actually and would love to one day be an actual astrologer:) Writing poetry about astrological aspects helps me to better understand it.

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