Mars in Scorpio

Alexandre Cabanal, Albayde

Mars in Scorpio

 Convictions unwavering,

her passion mirrors 

the  intensity of Mangala.

Her lovers come to life 

at her magnetic touch.

She bows to the Red God,

a dark and deliberate 

fervor infuses her loving.


Emergent transformation,

she is the catalyst

that ignites her entourage.

A formidable foe, 

rivels meet Orion’s Fate.

Relenting is anathema to pride.

Uncompromising nature,

her sole ambition is to master.


Explicit determination,

she paints her world 

in black and white particulars.

Nonpareil allegiance,

her consorts must display. 

The channeling of her energies,

is to walk the Razor’s Edge. 

Her soul hungers for power.


Senses impassioned,

the immensity of her anger,

an implacable smoldering burn.

The consummate lover,

she imparts understanding

To her fortunate Innamorato.

With charismatic presence,

she leads in love and life.


Falling Stars

Witold Pruskowski, Falling Star, 1884

Falling Stars

Imagine catching

Bright falling stars in glass jars

Just like fireflies

Could you envision

How they would illuminate

The entire world!


Susan E. Roden, Rising Sun


Sun rises boldly

Kissing sky like a lover

They merge  in union

Clouds blush demurely

Like smitten ladies

Enchanted by sun and sky

Warm Breeze

(Photography: Jennifer Adams Teasley)

I feel the warm breeze

Upon my skin like a thought

Tickling my senses

Moon in Aries

William-Adolphe Bougeureau, Mood

Moon in Aries

Passions flare,

she seeks to fill the needs

of her indomitable will.

They ignite in rapture,

scorching her mind,



Effeminate fire,

she fails to quell the flames

of her turbulent heart.

They burn in ecstasy,

searing her soul



Desires abate,

she attempts to cool the ardor

of her rapacious impulses.

They simmer in reticence, 

sustaining her composure,



Emotions dissipate;

she resolves to soothe her Self

of her poignant maladies.

They smolder in abeyance, 

pacifying her pride,


Venus in Pisces

Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Venus Verticordia

Venus in Pisces


Love in exaltation

She flows in Divine Romance

Her heart beats

To the rhythm of the Cosmos

She lives only 

For the enchantment of the heart


Lofty aspirations

She delights as Neptune’s Muse

Her mind plays

In the seductive waters of illusion

She seeks only

To render her Siren’s beckoning call


Universal empathy

She is the Alchemical Goddess

Her soul lifts

The mundane to ethereal heights

She desires only

To merge in perennial sacred love



Supreme sacrifice

She clings to her Martyr’s Heart

Her spirit longs

To explore the greater mystery

She endeavors only

To manifest the unity of all souls