His laughter
moves in time with a tiny gait
across the kitchen floor.
Heard from the next room over.
It’s like witnessing a miracle.
With each exuberant step
I am reawakened.

–NT  ©2018



hold me
in this
sacred space,
till I learn
to hold myself.
into me
saving grace,
till I learn
my own strength.
show me
how to fly
time and space.
but should
I falter
my hand,
just in case.

(Photo Credit: Rosie Hardy)


let me put my mind to rest for a bit
thinking is wearing me out


damn it’s all so pointless
even my bones are becoming pretentious.

diving into the thoughtless abyss


no-thought land is divine
no bullshit thoughts
no tedious balancing
no babbling

just bliss…





Fiery Heart


Fiery Heart

I am swallowed up
By my own intensity.
Digested by a fiery heart
That won’t calm.
Where is the hand
To quench the flame?
I’ve been burning
For ages now.
I’d surrender,
If only I knew how…

Goddess Letters (3)

Lay your sweet head here my dear.
This shoulder has born
The weight of the world,
And still these effeminate tears
Undo me.
Let my kisses soak them up
And bring you reprieve.
Oh Goddess,
I worship you!


~Goddess Letters


This Body is a Lie


This Body is a Lie

Contained within this body
Lives love…
Wrapped in fleshy soft pretense
Called time and space.
Do you want to know a secret?
Glance into the eyes of another
And see
The Universe staring back
That’s love baby.

Goddess Letters (2)

I am not a whole man!
How could I be…
When the most sublime part
Lies in you woman?
I cannot attend to my daily affairs
Without you accompanying
My every thought.
I am living in a torturous sort of madness
Beautiful Goddess,
The distance tying me to you
Has me by the throat
And I cannot breath!
Please come to me…

~ The Goddess Letters


Goddess Letters (1)

Do you not remember Goddess?
The day my eyes beheld yours,
You took the breath right out of me.
Pierced my heart,
Clean through to my soul.
I would have gladly died that day,
A satisfied man.

~The Goddess Letters